• Errare humanum est sed stultum est in errore perseverare
    «человеку свойственно ошибаться, но глупо упорствовать в ошибке»
  • Ex nihilo nihil fit

    «из ничего ничто не происходит»
  • Factum est factum

    «что сделано, то сделано»
  • Fas est et ab hoste doceri

    «учиться нужно всегда, даже у врага»
  • Multi multa; nemo omnia novit
    «многие знают многое, никто не знает всё»
  • Nemo debet esse judex in propria causa
    «никто не должен быть судьей в своем собственном деле»
  • Praemonitus praemunitus
    «предупрежден — значит вооружен»
  • Quot capita, tot sententiae
    «сколько голов, столько и мнений»
  • Scire leges non hoc est verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem
    «знание законов состоит не в том, чтобы помнить их слова, а в том, чтобы понимать их смысл»
  • Si vis pacem, para bellum
    «хочешь мира, готовься к войне»
  • Silentium est aurum
    «молчание — золото»
  • Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis
    «времена меняются и мы меняемся с ними»
  • Ubi concordia, ibi victoria
    «где согласие, там победа»
  • A posse ad esse non valet cosequentia
    «по возможному ещё не следует заключать о действительном»
  • Ab initio nullum, semper nullum
    «из ничего ничего и не выйдет»
  • Actore non probante reus absolvitur
    «при недоказанности иска ответчик освобождается»
  • Ad acta
    «к делу»
  • Aliis inserviendo consumor
    «светя другим, сгораю сам» (служа другим, расточаю себя)
  • Aut vincere, aut mori
    «или победить, или умереть»
  • Bona opinio homini tuttior pecunia est
    «добрая слава надёжнее денег»
  • Cujusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare
    «каждому человеку свойственно заблуждаться, но оставаться при заблуждении никому не следует, кроме безрассудного»
  • Est avis in dextra, melior quam quattuor extra

    «птица в правой руке, лучше чем четыре вдалеке»

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Assistance in business setting up in Ukraine

Before starting business activity in our country, foreign citizen should legalize its economic activity on the territory of Ukraine.

There are different forms of business conduct by non-residents in Ukraine. Among them the following can be distinguished:

- establishment of company with registered address on the territory of Ukraine, 100% of which nominal capital belong to foreign entity or entities – private and (or) legal;

- registration of representative office of foreign legal entity on the territory of Ukraine;

- registration of foreign company’s branch in Ukraine;

- acquisition of share in nominal capital (corporate rights) of Ukrainian company by non-resident;

- investment of foreign capital into activity of native companies in order to gain mutual benefits (foreign investments) and so on.

Each of abovementioned forms of business conduct in Ukraine by foreign business entities has its own peculiarities of legalization according to Ukrainian legislation requirements, and also has definite nuances in taxation.

In order to start any business-project successfully under conditions of Ukrainian economy and law enforcement, we recommend non-residents to address to Law Firm “PEREMOGA”, legal advisors, tax and accountant consultants of which have great experience in legal support during different foreign companies’ entry to Ukrainian market.

We always start the cooperation with foreign businessmen with provision of initial legal consultation on issues of legal form and tax status of planned activity in Ukraine. Upon hearing the client attentively and defining his final result, specialists of Law Firm “PEREMOGA” will recommend the most reasonable form of business conduct in Ukraine with regard to profitability, taxation and regulatory authorities impact, in terms of areas of non-resident’s activity – whether it’s construction, industry, trade, services, IT-area, etc.

The following stage will be legalization of business activity of nonresident-client, for example, registration of legal entity, the only participant of which will be foreign person, registration of representative office or branch of foreign company.

Within given procedure, non-resident as usually has a set of accompanying issues, requiring effective and professional legal advice. This refers, for example, to customs registration of things of value imported into Ukraine by foreign person, execution of invitation to Ukraine, obtaining permit on employment in Ukraine, lease of office premises, lease of industrial facilities, etc.

Additionally, Law Firm “PEREMOGA” will see about opening of any currency bank accounts in reliable Ukrainian banks for non-resident company; will produce a seal; will perform documents for personnel employment; if necessary, will provide legal assistance in obtaining licenses and permits from Ukrainian authorities, which are required by legislation for definite kind of economic activity conduct.

When the abovementioned service was provided, Law Firm “PEREMOGA” would submit to non-resident full package of documents, necessary for easy business conduct in Ukraine.

Please, be aware that for business activity accounting record-keeping, Law Firm “PEREMOGA” can provide non-resident with the services of experienced accountant with knowledge of English, who will see about all report and tax issues in order to help the businessman to focus only on search of business-partners, development of new sales markets, profit-making, etc., not sticking to current paperwork. Our legal advisors specializing in contract law will provide qualified legal support in making deals between businessmen, prepare and analyze internal agreements and foreign economic contracts.

In the context of abovementioned, it is necessary to admit that Law Firm “PEREMOGA” also provides legal services to foreign economic entities in form of subscription legal and accountant services.